About Us


Sendah is an online gift remittance and payment platform that gives its users a ‘better way to send’ to the Philippines. Sendah carries a diverse range of products and services that make sending to the Philippines fast, easy and hassle-free. With Sendah, overseas Filipinos and friends of Filipinos abroad can Shop & Send a wide variety of items—everything from SM Gift Certificates to gadgets to flowers and emergency supplies can be found here! 


Customers can also have Jollibee meals delivered via Jollibee Padala and their favorite cakes via Red Ribbon Padala. In addition, Sendah also offers an affordable and reliable Send Load service. Users can easily send prepaid airtime to any mobile user whether they are a GLOBE, SMART, or SUN subscriber.


Rounding out Sendah’s list of features is Pay Bills, a service that lets users make bills payments over a safe and secure network.


Sendah is brought to you by Ayannah, a leading provider of digital commerce, payment and media services for online and mobile communities in emerging markets. For unbanked residents in emerging markets, the company provides accessible digital commerce and payment services to spur financial inclusion and literacy and give access to products and services that improve quality of life. Ayannah also aims to give a better way to stay connected and to support their beneficiaries in their home country by giving them greater control over how their hard-earned remittances are used to improve the lives of their beneficiaries.


"I can't tell you how impressed I am with your speedy replies. Great customer service!" -  J. Marchello, New York, USA

"I am happy with your service." - R. Healey, Cook Islands, New Zealand

"Thank your for the confirmation and for the great support, the address is surely good I triple checked it, my mind is at peace now. :)" - P. Marjovszki, Gödöllő, Hungary

"Thank you so much. All your efforts are very much appreciated. Your service will be treasured by all your customers, especially me." - X. Egam, Doha, Qatar

"My experience has been truly decent and worthwhile. I like your service very much. As a Filipino-American with an aunt and two nieces in Tagum City who were affected by the recent weather, being typhoon Haiyan, it is pleasing to see that such Proudly Pinoy send load services do exist, and at a fraction of the cost of the American competitor. Thank you for your understanding and your great service!" - J. Lopez, New Jersey, USA

"Thank you so much for the reply. I am sure the call was missed by the recipient. These small items will bring a smile to a young girl who has not had it easy as of late yet continues to win awards at school and to the family who would love to do more but can't. Thanks for helping me bring a little happiness there." - C. Hale, Alaska, USA