Refund Policy


In the event that an order is not fulfilled solely based on the fault of SENDAH.COM, we guarantee replacement and/or refund in accordance with the conditions stated herein. All refund requests should be emailed to 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date for our evaluation. Once approved, we will be crediting your wallet with the correct amount.


Wallet Credits

Once the purchase of Sendah credits are credited in the Sendah wallet, no refunds will be entertained.


Send Load

You are solely responsible for the mobile number you purchase load for. SENDAH.COM shall not be responsible for any purchase of load for an incorrect mobile number. Due to the nature of the product involved, a no return no exchange policy will be enforced for mobile phone load purchases unless the number falls under one of these categories:

- Non-Existent Prepaid Mobile Number
- Pre-Active Mobile Number
- Deactivated Mobile Number
- Unfulfilled transaction for more than 24 hours

Send eGC’s

You must ensure that the mobile number you specified as recipient is correct. Once an mVoucher is sent, it can no longer be recalled, although a Sendah representative may contact you and/or your recipient to confirm a transaction and to update you and/or your recipient on information necessary for the smooth processing of your transaction.


Shop and Send

You must ensure that the delivery address of your recipient is accurate and complete. We will gladly accept returns and exchanges if the item/s you have received are incorrect and/or are not in its proper condition (due to no fault of the user). You may return it in its original packaging along with all its associated accessories and contents within 7 days from the day it was received. We reserve the right to refuse returns if we deem the item is not in its proper condition. If the item for return/exchange is accepted we will gladly reimburse any cost incurred for the return subject to our preapproval. For electronic items, no refund will be entertained but we will gladly offer replacement if the damage does not fall under one of these categories:

- Cracks or damage indicating that the gadget has been dropped.
- Damage indicating that the gadget has been exposed to liquid.
- LCD damage such that the screen has cracks or blue spots.
- Evidence that the gadget has been modified or tampered with.


For all physical vouchers, gift certificates or scratch cards, your request for refund will only be entertained under the following conditions:

- it is not misplaced or lost.
- it is not yet activated or used.
- it is still in a sealed (unopened) package.
- it is not yet scratched or deformed.

For flowers and other perishable items, if for any reason the product that you have chosen is not available any more, a Sendah representative will contact and confirm with you the equivalent product that would be substituted to fulfill your order.